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Solid white floral cake (3-tier)

Solid white floral cake (3-tier)

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/ 由於季節及貨源對鮮花的顏色、形狀及大小存在決定性的影響,供應可能亦因而浮動。
/ 我們會在下單後24小時內跟你聯絡。

/ 尺寸及建議份量 Size and serving size /

4"+6"+8", ~38cm tall, serves 60-70

/ 口味 Flavour / 

01. Vanilla chocolate 
Vanilla cake & Valrhona chocolate ganache

02. Vanilla oreo
Vanilla cake & oreo crumbs 

03. Double chocolate
Valrhona chocolate cake & Valrhona chocolate ganache

04. Chocolate salted caramel
Valrhona chocolate cake & housemade salted caramel sauce

05. Double matcha
Japanese matcha cake & Japanese matcha ganache 

06. Earl grey salted caramel
Twinings earl grey cake & housemade salted caramel sauce

07. Earl grey lemon
Twinings earl grey cake & housemade lemon jam

08. Chocolate & hazelnut
Valrhona chocolate cake & Valrhona chocolate cream with hazelnut

09. Chocolate & rum
Valrhona chocolate cake & Myers’s dark rum cream

10. Matcha hojicha
Japanese matcha cake & Japanese hojicha cream 

/ 其他 Other /

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